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Hello loves

I am sorry to say that I am removing the Melina top and using it in my catalog as a new derivable top

It did not sale any copies, so there is no exclusivity to anyone else but me

I will eventually make a new busty top especially for this shop, stay tuned <3

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2 thoughts on “Melina top removed

  1. Aww lol !!! I just came here to get that one xDD !! Can’t wait for your busty top ♥♥♥♥♥

    1. Awe, well at first, I removed it to work on an extra layer for the top (Skintight layer)
      Than I tough to myself, welp… I am in love with this top (not that I don’t love the others in this shop, I just have a major preference for big boobies) so I ended up keeping it like a no good selfish person >.< But I will make a busty top for this shop, I am already planning the design ♥

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