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By purchasing my files you agree to the following terms


  1. Use files in your IMVU catalog only
  2. Do not set end products as derivable
  3. Do not share, give or sell my files without the proper license
  4. Use files on one account only, contact me to get 50% off if you want to purchase the same product for an other account
  5. You may use the files as many times as you want in the same store
  6. You may modify the files to fit your needs


  1. All rules above apply except for the rule #2
  2. You may set end product as derivable
  3. Must specify to not set as derivable in your product page

If applicable, not all files include the extended license option

  1. Use in only one files shop
  2. Do not offer resell rights on the files
  3. You may modify the files to fit your needs
  4. Do not set files price lower than mine
  5. Credit me by stating that you have resell rights from AquarianPrincess
Applies to photoshop brushes and other files in the tools section
  1. Do not resell or share the Abr brush files
  2. Do not resell or share png and other rasterized versions of the brushes alone
  3. Must be included in a template before selling in your files shop
  4. Template can be PSD or rasterized (PNG, JPG…)

If you have any questions on the use of licenses, please do not hesitate to contact me